Root To Rise {Anusara Yoga}

Last night, I set my alarm for 5:30am so that I could Rise & Run to start my day. Unfortunately, I woke up at 2:30am when my phone rang (thanks to a phone call from the alarm monitoring company at one of the gyms) and I could not fall back to sleep. I finally settled back to sleep about five minutes before the early alarm went off and there was no way I was getting out of bed.

The rest of the morning was equally as frustrating when I wound up sleeping later than I planned and rushing to get to work on time (whenever I feel rushed, I get easily frustrated with everything around me. I’m working on changing this habit!), so I was relieved when I remembered that I had another Anusara Yoga class tonight.

Once I got home from work, I sat down for a few minutes to relax and do a little meal planning for next week thanks to the newest issue of Cooking Light.


I have some big training plans as far as my workouts go (and some fun races and events to plan for!), so I will be planning meals ahead for the upcoming weeks rather than just buying my grocery staples and making what I’m in the mood for that day.


After whipping up an Egg and Jammie Sammie, I still had a bit of time to kill before class, so Ruca and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and took a peaceful stroll around the pond.

If I didn’t have to carry my mat, I would have headed to the studio on my bike tonight, but as awkward and clumsy as I am, I can’t imagine the outlook would have been good:). Instead, I parked a few blocks away and enjoyed another walk under the sun.


I love the neighborhood where the studio is located; the buildings have so much character and I was instantly in a good mood after my walk.

The theme of tonight’s class was “Root to Rise,” and focused on building a strong foundation (planting roots) in order to grow (and rise). The theme really resonated with me tonight, and I was quickly at ease mentally. Physically, there was nothin easy about tonight’s class (which is just the way I like it!). My arms, core and hips are on fire, but it’s a good burn. I have bursitis in my right hip, and the primary focus on opening up our hips was exactly what I needed tonight.

With big running plans on the horizon (the Nashville Country Music Marathon & 1/2 – Part of the Rock & Roll Marathon Series – is on my list for April 2013!!), I really want to focus on comprehensive cross training. So far, I have found that yoga has helped to keep me focused, centered, and has really complemented the training I’ve been doing.



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