Solstice, Spectrum, Symmetry

{Testing out the Lululemon Urban Flow Pant tonight!}

Tonight’s Anusara Yoga class was exactly what I needed to balance out the week. Monday and Tuesday were a bit frustrating and I couldn’t help thinking that I just needed to get to Thursday to recenter with yoga. I am loving the fact that each class starts with a theme because I find myself carrying the theme through the week and applying it elsewhere in my life. Tonight’s theme centered around the solstice and the extremes that the earth (and our bodies) are constantly moving through, and finding the right balance to fulfill and achieve the person we are meant to be (among a broad spectrum of possibilities).

This really rang true for me today (and this entire past week) as I’ve been juggling a lot between work, wedding planning, family time, and deciding what direction I want to take to further my passion for food & fitness (I am in the process of choosing the right nutritionist program and fitness training certification). To say I’ve been all over the place is putting it mildly!

What really struck me was the work we did to find symmetry rather than balance. The instructor really focused on achieving the right symmetry based on what you can give and what something requires, stating that everything doesn’t need to be balanced as some things require more or less time/energy/effort than others. The mental aspect of our class was what I was craving, and the workout was intense (as one of the girls put it, tonight was Yoga Boot Camp)! We worked again on opening up the hips which has been such a compliment to the tightness I see with running, but also moved on to more advanced poses that took every ounce of strength I had to complete!

Today’s Healthy Eats


I knew what smoothie I wanted to make this morning before I fell asleep last night: Chocolate Covered Strawberry Vanilla Protein Smoothie! Even though last night’s bike ride took us to the ice cream shop, we passed on dessert to make it home before it got to dark, and I had frozen treats on my mind all night! I substituted my usual Light Vanilla Silk Soy Milk with Light Chocolate Soy, added Frozen Strawberries, Plain Non-Fat Greek Yogurt, and Vanilla Protein Powder. With another scorcher on the horizon today, this smoothie was the perfect indulgence this morning!


The heat was suffocating again today, and my body craved cold and creamy in the form of blueberries (lots and lots of blueberries!). Early afternoon I dove into a Kashi & Blueberry Cereal Bowl, and followed that up later in the day with a Vanilla Oikos with Blueberries and Mu Mu Muesli.


I had some errands to run before yoga, so I grabbed dinner on the go at Panera. The Chicken Avocado Cobb (no cheese or bacon) tasted just like a summer salad should – crisp, light, tangy and incredibly satisfying. I’m not sure what made me think ordering soup was a good idea in this heat, but I couldn’t resist the Lemon Orzo soup!

Summer Skincare Essentials

After om-ing my way through yoga, I headed to Sephora to stock up on some new skin care supplies for the new season. Between the excessive heat, my over active sweat glands, and the amount of working out & sweating I’ve been doing lately, my skin has been less than stellar. My goal was to find a new cleanser and nighttime moisturizer along with cleansing wipes to keep in my gym bag. After spending more than a half hour musing over a seemingly infinite selection (and chatting with the helpful sales associate), I decided on Ole Henriksen products across the board. I wanted a cleanser to balance my combination skin and add a little radiance. The On The Go Cleanser does just that, and I chose a purifying moisturizer to complement the cleanser. I hit Target next for some Natural Colloidal Oatmeal body cleanser and lotion.

The most important part of my summer skincare routine starts from the inside – a combination of clean eating and hydration is essential!

How do you maintain symmetry?

What are your summer skin essentials?

3 thoughts on “Solstice, Spectrum, Symmetry

  1. Coconut oil! Inside & out! I use it on my skin instead of sunscreen (only when the sun isn’t at it’s hottest/brightest) – it works wonders for me! I used to get rashes from the sun as an allergic reaction; now I don’t. Also it’s said to prevent wrinkles😉 so … who knows it might be great long term too 😉

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